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Accelerated Reader (AR)


St. Clare St. Paul School uses Accelerated Reader as a tool for tracking our students’ independent reading as part of the larger ELA program in grades 3rd-8th. This allows administration and faculty to regularly track the books they’re reading, and to help them set reasonable reading goals (Ex. advancing their reading level or reading a certain number of books in a month). 


What is Accelerated Reader (AR)? 

Accelerated Reader is a digital reading program that provides guided reading instruction to students in grades K-12. We begin using the Accelerated Reader program in 3rd grade and continue with it until the end of 8th grade. This software provides teachers and students with a comprehensive program to motivate, monitor, and manage student reading practice. Research-based guidelines, goal-setting features, and tools for matching students with appropriate texts promote individualized reading instruction that is shown to optimize academic growth. AR quizzes are available for nearly 30,000 books!


The Accelerated Reader program requires students to select and read a book based on their area of interest and reading level. Upon completion of a book, students take a computerized assessment based on the book’s content and vocabulary. Test performance allows teachers to monitor student progress and to identify students who need additional reading support. 


This platform helps students develop their independent reading and instructional reading skills.

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AR Book Finder:

Click on the AR BookFinder link below to find your book's AR reading level and/or quiz number.


Help your child select the book that is right for him/her:


Accelerated Reader helps educators, students and their families put these practices into action – and more than 30 years of research proves AR is highly effective at raising reading achievement for students of all ability levels.

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