SCSP "Reading Across America" Schedule of Events

The St. Clare/St. Paul School Student Council presents:


📕Monday, March 1st - Bring in your favorite Dr. Seuss Book

📘Tuesday, March 2nd - Dr. Seuss Red and Blue Dress Down

📕Wednesday, March 3rd - Decades Day

Pre K - 60’s

Kindergarten - 70’s

1st grade - 80’s

2nd grade - 90’s

3rd grade - 20’s

4th grade - 90’s

5th grade - 50’s

6th grade - 60’s

7th grade - 70’s

8th grade - 80’s

📘Thursday, March 4th - Wear Crazy Socks

📕Friday, March 5th - Wear Crazy Hats and Wigs

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