Congratulations to SCSP's NJHS Inductees!

Congratulations to our 2020-2021 NJHS Inductees. They were celebrated at Mass, Friday, April 30, with Monsignor Van Loon at St. Paul Parish. We are incredibly proud of our students and wish them success in everything they do. Here are a few highlights from the ceremony.

Our National Junior Society Members:

8th Grade Caleigh Birtel, Ella Burke, Noel Butler, Andrew Cleveland, Catherine Colaiezzi, Isabella Dennebaum, Daniel Granet, Kate Heffron, Julia Horter, Madeline Hunt, Jackson Keating, Lisa Myronyuk, Caelyn Oxley, Marco Rinaldi

7th Grade Benjamin Boyanoski, Ella Boyanoski, Austin Burke, Maggie Carey, James Clark, Hailey Cleveland, Patrick Doherty, Gavin Finnerty, Cecelia Haggerty, Patrick Hazzouri, Antoinette Hemak, Rebecca Lenahan , Mackey Lynett, Madeleine Mackarey, Colin McMullen, Grace Newcomb, Jack Oven, James Stallman, Taryn Walsh

Moderators: Mrs. Lisa Owens and Mrs. Kim Serge

#crusaderpride #NJHS

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